Business Travel Accident Insurance

Has your client’s Business Travel Accident policy been renewed year after year without any updates?

We recognize that business travel accident is not your priority.

With so many BTA policies renewing January 1 coupled with the changes in the marketplace from new entrants, updated policy filings and changes in management teams, it’s easy to try to just renew as expiring.

But, when was the last time you asked your clients about the risks facing their employees when traveling on their behalf?

How are your clients addressing security risks and evacuation?  War Risk coverage? Accident & Sickness Medical Emergencies?

Will your competitors raise these questions?

Reuben Warner Associates can be your solution and competitive edge.

Our firm can provide you with a no cost analysis of a current plan and perform the marketing that may be required to ensure the BTA coverage continues to meet your client’s changing needs and that your client’s policies include the latest valuable enhancements and competitive terms and conditions.

It’s simple to engage us, all we need to start is a conversation and a copy of the inforce policy.

We look forward to working with you.  Remember, “Your Success is Our Goal”

Reuben Warner Associates, Inc. is an independently owned, multi-company general agency. In business for almost 70 years and licensed in 50 states, we serve the brokerage and consulting communities in niche product areas. Reuben Warner Associates’ specialties consist of all forms of Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance and Statutory Disability Plans. These include: Business Travel Accident, Basic or Carve-Out AD&D, Voluntary Payroll Deduction AD&D, Occupational AD&D, Overseas Accident & Sickness Medical, Special Risk, War Risk and other specialty programs, State Mandated Disability in NY (NY DBL), New Jersey (NJ TDB) and Hawaii (HI TDI). RWA is also an MGA for Individual AD&D and for Individual Overseas Medical Programs with leading carriers.
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