Below find a list of commonly asked questions and answers. If your question is not addressed below please contact our office with your inquiry.

  • AIG
  • ACE American Insurance Company/Chubb & Son, Inc/Federal Insurance Company
  • AXIS Insurance Company
  • Berkley Accident & Health
  • Cigna / INA
  • CV Starr/Starr Indemnity & Liability Company
  • Fairmont Specialty Group
  • Guardian
  • Security Mutual Life
  • Shelterpoint/The First Rehabilitation Insurance Company of America
  • Standard Security Life Insurance Company
  • The Hartford Companies
  • The Standard Insurance Company
  • Wesco/National Benefit Life Insurance Company
  • Zurich-American Insurance Company

Longevity – Relationships with our carriers span over 6 decades

  • Experienced Staff & Continuity of Executive Management
  • Our significant position in the AD&D arena provides market clout as well as knowledge of the most recent changes in the marketplace
  • Creativity & Expertise that is second to none
  • Our services cost you nothing – your compensation will be the maximum standard commissions payable from our carriers
  • We will reduce your costs by saving you the valuable time spent analyzing, marketing, contract proofing and correcting policies
  • Ability to obtain both competitive premiums and the most comprehensive coverages which are available in today’s marketplace
  • Ability to design specific programs tailored to specific market segments
  • Ability to collect premium directly from your client and remit commissions if your firm does not wish to perform the billing function.

As a General Agent/Wholesaler, the compensation we receive is not reflected in the rating of the policy. We are compensated by the insurance companies for the various services we perform on their behalf. Simply stated, if we were not providing competitive and comprehensive quotations, we would not be one of the largest writers of Special Risk coverages. This is clearly demonstrated with Statutory New York Disability coverage for under 50 lives where rates are published and are identical for brokers dealing directly with the Insurance Company or those dealing through a General Agent.

Reuben Warner also participates in contingency or supplemental income arrangements with various carriers. Any compensation received under these agreements will be disclosed on the Schedule A 5500 information issued by the insurance company where applicable. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our principals for further information.

No. Reuben Warner Associates provides full brokerage commissions. Our intent and practice is to provide our brokers with exactly what the insurance company would pay if they were working with them directly. If you have a special arrangement with a particular insurance company we represent, then individual consideration will be addressed with both yourself and the insurance company in question.

As specialists, we handle all size policies which range in premium from the minimum premium offered by the carrier to cases that generate premiums in the millions of dollars. All size accounts are welcome and given the same professional attention.

No. Although Reuben Warner Associates represents many of the largest writers of Corporate AD&D and Statutory Disability coverages, we do not represent the entire marketplace. You and your client may access any other market you so desire.

We are available to review your inforce business. You can provide us with a letter addressed to the insurance company listing the policies and authorizing the insurance company to recognize Reuben Warner Associates as the General Agent.

The only possible disadvantage we can see is if your firm has a considerable book of business that would allow for any “excess” or additional form of compensation. Reuben Warner provides full brokerage commissions but does not provide any excess payments. As we all know, there are always exceptions in any business; however, any exception regarding compensation will be provided only if the insurance company has authorized said exception.

Yes, Reuben Warner will always assist our brokers/consultants in discussing our lines of coverage. We do prefer, however, that you or someone from your office be on the phone with us or attend any personal meeting desired.

We pride ourselves in being very flexible in this regard. If your firm desires to collect the premium from the policyholder, you can remit payment to us net of your commission. Otherwise, we can gross bill your client, who will in turn, make their premium payable to the insurance company in care of Reuben Warner Associates and mail to our office for processing. In turn, we will remit net premium to the carrier and remit commissions back to your office. Commission payments are made at least two times per month allowing for timely delivery.

Reuben Warner is a privately owned and operated agency consisting of five stockholders; namely, Anthony J. Cortese, Al Caprara, Jennifer Fumoso, Anthony B. Cortese and Brian Farsi.