NJ TDB Update

The State of NJ has passed sweeping changes to NJ TDB regulations making it much easier for employers to privatize coverage.  There is still opportunity to take advantage of these changes as groups can privatize for April 1st.

NJ TDB Update Feb 2019

Business Travel Accident Insurance

Has your client’s Business Travel Accident policy been renewed year after year without any updates?

We recognize that business travel accident is not your priority.

With so many BTA policies renewing January 1 coupled with the changes in the marketplace from new entrants, updated policy filings and changes in management teams, it’s easy to try to just renew as expiring.

But, when was the last time you asked your clients about the risks facing their employees when traveling on their behalf?

How are your clients addressing security risks and evacuation?  War Risk coverage? Accident & Sickness Medical Emergencies?

Will your competitors raise these questions?

Reuben Warner Associates can be your solution and competitive edge.

Our firm can provide you with a no cost analysis of a current plan and perform the marketing that may be required to ensure the BTA coverage continues to meet your client’s changing needs and that your client’s policies include the latest valuable enhancements and competitive terms and conditions.

It’s simple to engage us, all we need to start is a conversation and a copy of the inforce policy.

We look forward to working with you.  Remember, “Your Success is Our Goal”

Reuben Warner Associates, Inc. is an independently owned, multi-company general agency. In business for almost 70 years and licensed in 50 states, we serve the brokerage and consulting communities in niche product areas. Reuben Warner Associates’ specialties consist of all forms of Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance and Statutory Disability Plans. These include: Business Travel Accident, Basic or Carve-Out AD&D, Voluntary Payroll Deduction AD&D, Occupational AD&D, Overseas Accident & Sickness Medical, Special Risk, War Risk and other specialty programs, State Mandated Disability in NY (NY DBL), New Jersey (NJ TDB) and Hawaii (HI TDI). RWA is also an MGA for Individual AD&D and for Individual Overseas Medical Programs with leading carriers.

NJ TDB Update

The State of New Jersey recently announced a cost reduction to employees for the NJ TDB coverage effective 1/1/19.  Your clients may be able to receive significant rate relief as well.   The time is now to allow the experts at Reuben Warner Associates to conduct a no cost review of your client’s NJ TDB coverage to determine the viability of privatization.  Privatizing NJ TDB coverage often results in significant cost savings to employers, coupled with improved overall administration and claims handling.  Since most business is implemented for January 1, you can begin the new year with savings for your clients!

2019 NJ TDB Update

Amtrust (Wesco) TPA Announcement

Amtrust (Wesco) has announced a relationship with AbSolve, a Custom Absence Management Program solutions provider who will service existing NJ TDB policyholders as well as any new placements as the Third Party Administrator (TPA).  Updated contacts and information pertaining to this arrangement are enclosed in the attached announcement which are also be mailed to policyholders.  The effective date of this change is 9/1/18 and affects claims with a  date of disability beginning 9/1/18 and beyond.  Claims already in process with dates of disability prior to 9/1/18 will remain with the current Amtrust (Wesco) claims department.

Enhanced services include access to an on-line portal, telephonic claim intake, and faster claim payments.

Larger cases may be able to request a suite of customized reporting options as well.

Amtrust (Wesco) TPA Announcement

Any question please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New York Paid Family Leave – Billing

As a New York Company, Reuben Warner Associates along with all other businesses in New York must remit quarterly premiums for PFL deductions made from employees through payroll deductions.  For small employers who remit NY DBL/PFL premiums on an annual prepaid basis, employers would need to estimate the annualized contribution they will collect from employees.  Worst case scenario, some may choose to remit the maximum contribution of $85.56 for 2018 for each employee and reconcile at the end of the year where appropriate.

We have attached a sample worksheet from one of our carriers, namely, Standard Security.  We have also attached our own “Employee Earnings” record (requested check dates 1/1/18 – 6/30/18) from our payroll vendor- Paychex.

As you can see, if any of your clients are using an outside payroll vendor, like Paychex, they can save a lot of time by simply submitting this form or transposing the information from this form to the appropriate Insurance Companies NY DBL bill.

We have submitted our form received from Paychex to all of the markets and asked for their comments regarding same.  Once received, we will share their responses for your review.  A recent sampling of completed billing statements showed 50% were filled out incorrectly.

We, along with our brokers and carriers, have been inundated with questions regarding PFL.  The reporting of premium has produced so many errors that allocations to accounts have been delay and in some instances, notices of cancellation have occurred.

We hope the brokerage community will agree with us, that utilizing the information being prepared by the payroll vendors may be a helpful aid in solving this billing issue. Collectively, we should all be contacting the insurance companies to simplify the bill.


DBL+PFL Sample Quarterly Invoice   Employee Earnings Record


Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New York Paid Family Leave – Benefit

Since the passage of the NY Paid Family Leave Benefit, many have been asking how benefits will be taxed and whether or not the employee contributions would be withheld on a pre or post tax basis.  The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has released the attached notification as guidance.

NY PFL-Taxing Information

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anticipated Rise in Business Travel

Research published by Business Travel News, indicates an anticipated increase in business travel for the upcoming year. As your clients plan their travel strategies, discussing Business Travel accident insurance may prove timely. Questions surrounding whether or not they have sufficient AD&D coverage, War Risk, Medical Evacuation, Political/Natural Disaster Evacuation and Out of Country Medical benefits should be raised.

As a leading expert in the field of business travel accident insurance, our firm can assist you in the marketing, implementation and management of these programs for your clients.

Our service is dedicated to giving you, the insurance broker, agent or consultant, an advantage over your competition as well as lowering your overhead and administrative costs while maintaining your compensation levels. For additional reading on Business Travel News. Click Here

Contact one of our associates for more information. Click Here

Business Travel Accident and AD&D Coverage in the Technology Age

Business Travel News reports a growth in the rise of private jet utilization for business travelers.  As the “Uber’s” of the skies gain increased traction with easy online booking and decreasing costs, what are the implications to corporations and the insurance programs they purchase which benefit their employees?

Policy exclusions under AD&D and BTA coverages often include one (or more of the following):

  • Riding in any aircraft except as a fare-paying passenger in a regularly scheduled or charter airline
  • Riding in any corporate owned, leased, operated or controlled aircraft
  • Riding as a pilot or crew member of any aircraft

While specific policy definitions specify owned and leased aircraft; “operated or controlled” aircraft can be a bit more nebulous.  Some carriers will specifically define controlled aircraft as aircraft for which a company has access to more than 10 straight days or 15 times in a year while others are silent.  General underwriting philosophies have been that one-time charter flights are covered; but, on-going charter arrangements would fall under the owned/leased/operated/controlled aircraft exclusions.

Therefore, utilizing these online jet suppliers could reveal a potential gap in coverage.  Are the companies such as JetSmarter which wishes to “make flying private something accessible to the masses” more akin to a one-time charter and automatically covered or, because there are annual membership dues and unlimited availability more akin to an on-going arrangement and therefore fall under the operated or controlled category in the minds of underwriters.

As on-line technology makes business travel easier, please be sure to ask your clients what type of air travel employees are booking so that the coverage they have will respond as expected or, if necessary, secure policy amendments.