Target Risk

A branch (offshoot) BTA, a Target Risk addresses the inherent concerns when multiple employees are traveling together, are permanently stationed together or are housed in the same location.

There are instances which a company may have an inherent reason to review their BTA policy with respect to target risks in order to secure adequate coverage, increase limits, and/or amend policy provisions.

Here are some instances to consider:

Concentration Risk

  • Employees who are at one place or on one trip together; consider travel arrangements, flight arrangements, etc.
  • Specific site in which there is an annual meeting or sales conference

High Aggregate Limits

  • Coincides with concentration; there may be an instance in which you want to ensure that each individual is provided with their full benefit amount for a certain event or exposure.

Specified Trips

  • Offsite conferences / Trade Shows / Sales Incentive Trips

“Key Man” / Corporation named as beneficiary

  • Usually reserved for accidental loss of life – would help a company recover from a catastrophic loss to a key employee such as an owner, c-suite employee, managing director, etc.

High Limit AD&D

  • Certain events, exposures, etc may require higher benefit amounts
  • Can provide AD&D up to ten (10) times annual earnings

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