Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)

The Hawaii TDI law was enacted in 1969.  This coverage provides partial income replacement to an eligible employee who becomes disabled due to non-occupational (“off-the job”) injuries or illnesses.

*Weekly Benefit Maximum 58% of avg. weekly wage, maximum of $570 per week
Maximum Benefit Period 26 Weeks during any 52 Week Period
Benefit Waiting Period Benefits begin on the 8th day of disability for both Accident and Sickness
Maximum Employee Contribution  $.50/$100 of taxable wages
Employer Contribution Balance of Cost
Maximum Taxable Wage Base $51,082.72
  • Employers and Employees contribute toward the cost of the Hawaii TDI Coverage
  • Employee contributions are made through payroll deduction

Employers must purchase the coverage through an approved private plan or self-insurance.

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Under 50 Life Business:

  • Filed rates for companies with 49 lives or less working in Hawaii
  • Self-Reporting, Quarterly in Arrears billing
  • We can place groups as small as 1 employee

Over 50 Life Business

Groups with 50 or more Employees working in Hawaii are experience rated.  Allow the experts at Reuben Warner Associates to market these programs on your behalf.  Remember, your firm will receive the full brokerage commission payable and maintain broker of record status.